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Monday, July 20, 2015

Old Fashioned Family Sunday

Today felt like a day straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Just like a Sunday ought to be!

When I arrived at Boone Memorial Presbyterian Church in Caldwell, eleven of the twelve Waterman children (our grandchildren) were practicing their special music selection for the church service, with Dad Tim accompanying on piano. What a beautiful, tuneful bunch!

The highlight of the service was the baptism of Chelsea, the youngest of the twelve. The family and the pastor filled up the platform, but after I took this photo, several more joined them to make it even more cozy....both grandmas and some aunts and uncles. 

After church we all headed over to Tim's childhood home, where his mom, Peggy, hosted the whole extended family, plus some extra friends. A lovely day, picnicking out under the huge trees that shade the family farmhouse. 

It was such a relaxing, unhurried afternoon. Lots of visiting, and moving around from table to table to catch up with one another. Uncle Eric kept many of the young people spellbound with tales of the Merchant Marine Academy, demonstrations and explanations of gyroscopes and vintage toy steamboats.

Uncle Len and Aunt Tereasa brought their beautiful new baby, Lauren Danielle. It was hard for all the little girls to leave her...even when the meal was served!

We celebrated Micah's upcoming fourteenth birthday...with cupcakes presented by Aunt Laura, ice cream and gifts.

Even after the food was devoured, there was plenty of wholesome activity to keep the youngsters happy while the "oldsters" continued to visit:

Board games, puzzles, dolls, card games...

And even a little shooting practice behind the house for the older kids. (Annika Get Your Gun!):

The kids kept each other so well entertained that the grown ups had plenty of time to relax and enjoy one another.

Laura and Eric:

The Grandmas:

I know all these children will have such wonderful memories of family gatherings like this. What a blessing in this age of hustle and bustle to be able to enjoy relaxed Sunday afternoons with loved ones. I felt privileged to be included in such an event.

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