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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Saying Good-Bye

IWe've been doing the bittersweet ritual of "last time" events before the move. Last Wednesday I went to my last choir rehearsal. It was a great time, because we also celebrated the 90th birthday of Myrtle, one of our choir members.

Here's Ouida Richardson, our terrific choir leader. I've enjoyed her leadership and instruction so much over the past year and a half!

And Linda Hamilton, our fabulous accompanist, who has also recently joined my group of Stampin'Up demonstrators:

And, of course, my fellow choir members, working hard on a song for Sunday's service:
That's Myrtle, on the far right in the front row. You'd never guess she's 90!!

After packing all day Thursday, our dear friends John and Ginger Gay took us out to enjoy some delicious Texas barbecue and Bluebell ice cream. What a treat!

After more packing and loading the car on Friday, we were invited to a festive shrimp boil farewell party, hosted by more dear friends, Rob and Jeannie Coe. What a delightful--and delicious--evening!

Check out all those veggies boiled up with the shrimp....and then even more shrimp!

But it was no problem for this crowd to devour! It's all poured out on long tables covered with a double layer of butcher paper. And then everyone just dives in. No utensils or plates needed for this's a fingers-only proposition!

Everybody looks pretty intent, don't they?

The aftermath...and Jeannie doing K.P.

Saturday and Sunday we spent in Kerrville, which I've already written about. 
Sunday when we returned home from Kerrville, our dear friend Cindy Grieves, who is the Property Manager at Key Allegro Real Estate, took us to a wonderful, luxurious dinner at the Key Allegro Club. It was so nice to have an unhurried evening with Cindy, and really get to know her better. Most of the time when we talk to her, conversation centers around the house or the business. Cindy has been wonderful, as have all they employees at Key Allegro Realty. I can't recommend them highly enough if you're looking for a house to rent!

Yesterday and today, Monday and Tuesday, were pretty much non-stop packing days, with a couple of quick breaks. I went over to the church today to donate a carload of cardmaking and crafting supplies for the crafting group. Here's Stephany, who heads up that group, as well as Family ministries at church:

And I turned in my keys to Susan, our business manager. Caught her hard at work:

Tonight Curt and I took a break to go to the Rockport Theatre and see Jungle Book. Great movie! It's tough leaving Tuesday night movie-night here. What's so special about Tuesdays at the little Rockport Cinema? This is:

And they really mean it! You can bring as big a bowl as you want, and they'll refill it as many times as you want...even once again before you leave! Needless to say, attendance at the movies is pretty high on Tuesday nights around here. Small towns sure are nice!

I had another totally unexpected surprise today. For weeks I've somehow been under the impression that April 29, our moving day, is a Thursday. I've been so busy preparing for the move that I didn't really look at a calendar. This afternoon I discovered that the 29th is Friday. That just added one whole day to my life...and when do you need an extra day more than when you're packing for a move? I feel like I've been given a huge gift! Two more days to finish up instead of one! Ahhhhh, the pressure is off!

And now I'm off to bed to see what dreams I get from watching all the action in Jungle Book while eating 2 large bowls of popcorn. Should be a colorful night!!!

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