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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fog and Rain on Campobello Island

Days 35 & 36 of trip, Monday & Tuesday, July 14 and 15

It's early afternoon on Tuesday, and we're sitting in the window seats of a lovely little coffee shop on Campobello, called Jocie's Porch. We're looking out over Friar's Bay. The curtain of fog just parted so we can see the water now, and the islands in the distance, as we sip our tea and enjoy the homemade bars that we allowed ourselves as a splurge. 

The rain has been coming down steadily since the middle of the night, and we've been having such a wonderful, relaxing morning. There's nothing like a steady rain when you're camping to encourage you to sleep in and be lazy.

Yesterday morning we had to use up more of the lobster we had been given (I is difficult here in the Noetheast!), so I thought I'd try my hand at a lobster omelet, which I've been seeing on the local menus. I figured I could make one at least as food as the $16.95 dishes in the restaurants. I must say, once I added all the fresh veggies, I think mine was probably even better!

Then while it was still sunny and bright, we took a morning bike ride up the hill to a little nearby restaurant to scope it out for a future meal. OK, I admit it...Curt rode his bike all the way, but I had to push mine up the last rise of the hill. My goal before we leave here is to be able to ride the bike all the way up. I didn't have my iPad since we were on the bikes, and I was sorry; the view of the bay through the trees was spectacular. So I made a mental note to come back later and take a photo for you to see. But by evening when we finally got around to it, the fog had rolled in, and you get a very different picture...but beautiful nevertheless. I'll have to get the original view for you another day.

After the bike ride we went to the little island grocery store, which has a surprisingly complete selection of foods for an island with such a small population. They also had a large room with tables, chairs and upholstered chairs which they call the "Community Room." It's just a spot which they provide, with free wi-fi, for anyone who wants to come and sit a while. That's where I sent off yesterday's blog post.

After lunch, we drove to the far end of the island. Campobello, as best we can figure, is approximately a mile wide (more or less, here and there, as the island is convoluted with coves and inlets), and probably about 8 miles long. The far end tapers to a point, with the East Quoddy Lighthouse at the very end. I have to make a correction from last Wednesday's post. The striped lighthouse I showed you outside of Lubec, ME, is the West Quoddy, not the East Quoddy as I told you. Here's the East Quoddy Lighthouse:

This photo shows the remnants of an old fish trap. They built them in a circular shape and draped nets around. The opening was left open for more fish to come in. The reason the fish that were already inside didn't get out is because they instinctively swim in a direction only. Even though the opening is right there for them to see, it doesn't occur to them to reverse direction and swim out. 

Wow, in the hour since I started writing this, the rain has slacked off. It looks a little brighter outside (nowhere near sunny, but the sky has lightened and the fog has lifted a bit). We may go back across the bridge to Lubec. it's the only place on the whole trip where we've been able to find a big block of ice for our cooler, instead of bags of ice cubes. It may sound like a long trip to go to another country to get ice, but it's really only about 15-20 minutes. And, as Curt says, it's not like we don't have the time!

So until we connect at the next wi-fi spot, take care!

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