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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hello from Lubec, Maine!

Day 27, Sunday 7-6-14

We made it!

We got the earliest start of our trip today. The drive from Portland, Maine to Lubec wasn't all that long, but we knew the rains and winds from Hurricane Arthur really hit this part of New England the past two days, and we weren't sure what we'd find. As it was, the roads were cleared of debris (mostly), but we did see some giant uprooted trees in many places, and trees resting on telephone poles, and trees that had fallen across the roads but were cleared away. Apparently it was quite an impressive storm! This photo is just one of the minor spots. Many people had HUGE trees uprooted. And thousands are still out of power.

We really enjoyed the drive up. We're still getting used to the toll road system here in New England. It takes us by surprise every time we have to stop and scramble for more money.,

After we finished the toll roads, we continued northeast along what we call the "green gully." Tall trees on both sides of the road for miles and miles. The trees gradually changed, till we were seeing more and more of the majestic balsam firs that are so prevalent in Maine.

Lots of very scenic buildings and vistas along the way. I didn't have my iPad ready for some
of them, but I managed to get a few.

And this one was fun to find. Wonder if we had any relatives here in 1790?

We just have a couple of photos of Lubec today, because we couldn't play tourist yet....we had to settle into our room before my orientation meetings for the music camp. I know we'll have much better photos as the week goes on.
This shot will show you how close we are to Canada. That's one of the Canadian islands right across the bridge. You can walk across from Lubec!

Here's our room at the Inn on the Wharf where we're staying. It really is on the wharf, out over the water, It's a converted sardine cannery...which sounds pretty awful...but it's very nice. Lots of space, a king size bed, and the 3 big windows look out over the water.
 There are also several common areas...a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious dining area, a living area with sofas and chairs, and an outdoor deck. I may have to talk myself into camping again after this luxury!

Here's a view from the back of the Inn. Looks just like postcards of Maine!

After my meetings this evening, we sat out on the deck with two other couples and watched the fireworks as they were shot off a barge right outside our window. We could have watched them from our room, but outdoors seemed much more festive. Naturally, the hurricane delayed the fireworks. That worked out well for us!

Well, the next five days will be jam-packed with mandolin lessons, classes, ensemble rehearsals, and lectures for me. Curt is going to take it easy and enjoy some of the local attractions. I'll try to check in for a bit each evening if there are interesting things to share with you. In the meantime, from the easternmost town in the U.S., goodnight!

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