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Thursday, June 26, 2014

And Into Pennsylvania

Thursday, June 26, Day 17

Before we left the KOA campground near Hagerstown this morning, I had to get a few shots of their critters. They have a small farm with goats and pigs and lots of chickens right there at the KOA. It brought back memories of Curt's and my homesteading days in Montana in the 70's and 80's. We raised chickens, rabbits, goats, pigs, ducks, geese, and even tried a horse and a steer (those larger two were short-lived with us; we did better with the smaller livestock). But today I got to enjoy the animals without the work. Now THAT was fun!

We never got our own pigs to do this trick, though. Isn't that little pig clever, standing on the big pig's back?!

The goats were more interested in their food than having their picture taken. This one finally got his head out of the hay for a quick instant for me to snap a photo.

And these are the "girls" who provided the freshest eggs we've had in years. Some of them were still warm when I got the carton!

We drove a few hours into Pennsylvania. I think we hit some of the prettiest parts of the state as we cut diagonally across the southeast corner of the State, from west to east. Beautiful green rolling hills, lovely farms, lots of trees and meadows, and very interesting stone houses. What a pretty drive!

One of our goals today was to find Curt's parents', grandparents' and aunt's graves in the Stroudsburg, PA cemetery. Curt had not seen them before. We found them and they had been carefully tended by Curt's sister Patty and her friend Carol. It was a lovely, restful stop.

As we got closer to our destination for the next 3 days, we couldn't believe how much traffic there was in the small town of Stroudsburg and on the freeway. Turns out there was a hazardous waste spill that stopped traffic on the Interstate for hours in both directions, and thousands of cars we're re-routing through the small towns. Fortunately, we weren't in the middle of it...just observing from a different route.

Now we're all settled in a lovely campground in the Delaware Water Gap/Pocono Mountains area of Pennsylvania. We like the area so much that we decided that we'll spend 3 nights here and just take day trips out from our home base. We enjoyed a dip in the beautiful, clean pool before cooking dinner and watching a pretty sunset. Ahhhhh, life on the loose is good!

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