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Sunday, June 8, 2014

And...Not the Best Moving Day Ever...But We Survived!

Here's Curt this morning exiting our Jayco Baja Pop-up Camper (known as a PUP in the camp blog world), after a good sleep.
And it's a good thing we slept well, because it turned into a VERY long day! Starting early at the church to unload my office (in the rain!), barely getting everything out and getting the moving van out of the way before people started arriving for church. Then back to the cottage for 4 hours of unloading the house and loading the truck. Dead moving van battery, so a jump was in order. 4 more hours at the storage units...but thankfully, we got everything in...barely! Here's Richard at the end of the lunch break:
Those guys were even more exhausted than we were, but they kept working steadily and carefully till it was all done. What a team!
    We went from this
To this:

Now we have the ubiquitous "little stuff" to deal with, and the final cleaning of the house. We still think we'll be able to push off on Tuesday.

I think we would have ground to a halt if it hadn't been for a welcome invitation from our friends Ron and Diane to come have snacks and a swim in their pool. It was so refreshing and relaxing! 

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